Mineral And Tucson Gem Show

The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show is just remarkable. Two times each year, Tucson, Arizona is host to customers and also vendors from across the world; literally. You are able to find here almost anything you may imagine. It’s a jewelry maker’s paradise. There’s additionally a lot of finished, ready to put on, jewelry also.

2 of the shows, the person which happens in late January to earlier February are the biggest. It virtually takes over the whole community. The smaller show happens in the outset of September. No matter what type you attend, you are going to have a good time.

A lot of stone beads for stringing are cut in China at this time that China is extremely considerably represented. However for faceted gems, you are able to constantly rely on the East Indians. The Middle Eastern countries place on a great show with gorgeous lapis lazuli and serpentine (a stone regarding jade) jewelry. Africa is represented with great ethnic jewelry and beads. Trade beads predominate, but additionally, there are metal pendants & beads. If Australian opals are the passion of yours, you are able to find those, too.

Czechoslovakia and Austria likewise make an appearance, the former with gorgeous leaded glass beads & sculptures in all of sorts of styles and colors, the latter with glass beads in each and every style of the rainbow and every shape possible.

Jewelry and additionally supplies to make jewelry aren’t the sole things you are going to find there. The Russians often bring art that is wonderful with them along with diamonds. Hand carved Nesting dolls abound. You are able to additionally find little gem carvings and bigger statuary. I can remember a single year just getting swept away by a carving of an eagle completed in Ruby Zoisite. It needs to have been a minimum of 3 feet from wing tip to wing tip. True to the title of it, you can find mineral specimens for the diehard collector.

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